5 thoughts on “The House of Yorke Book Project Images

  1. The contact you want there is Professor Marcus Librizzi: “Marcus Librizzi” mlibrizzi[at]maine.edu. I sent him a message. If he doesn’t get back to you in a couple of days, I would follow up with him. And how exciting to be working on your project! House of Yorke was a wonderful book and significant for the story it tells. Best of luck, and let me know how it turns out.


    1. I’ve been researching MAT since 2009. It all began with a letter she wrote from Rome. Bill Barry at the Maine Historical Society research library knows about my research into her life and work. (As do many fellow travelers on the ferry back and forth from Portland to Peaks a Island!) She left few personal writings, but I believe By the Tiber to be autobiographical in many ways, and I’m working on that. In other ways, The House of Yorke is autobiographical as well. Id like to see the annotations your group has done. I have a very battered first edition of The House of Yorke, but I doubt it would last through another reading! I was a prof at SMCC for several years, now I’m retired and I have time to write! Thanks so much for your help. Sophia West


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